TECH CONNECT 2012 - iPad2's!

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iPad2 Features:

Tips getting started with an iPad:

For some of you Creating free iTunes account WITHOUT a credit card:

BASICALLY, go to the App Store and get a FREE app like Dropbox, Evernote or Voicethread and then Create new iTunes account and fill in information.

BACKCHANNEL to share something you learned and/or found. It's and it's the Gateway Drug to Twitter:



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Educational Apps from Katie Clouse:

One list of apps based on topic/idea. "iPad as....":

103 Interesting ways to use the iPad:

Other sites to find apps?

What about apps that you've found or liked so far?

Mark's quick list to go over:
Dropbox is a Must for me! Save your documents in the cloud. No more e-mailing big files, just invite people to a shared folder.
Voicethread app. Use your iPad to get pictures, then record student voice and/or annotations for a Digital Story.
Evernote app. Keep all of your notes and podcasts here and online with one account.
Splashtop Remote Desktop and Whiteboard (Both pay, not free)

Jill Robinson from the Teacher Center. Teacher Center Website

Session Evaluation. Please take a few minutes for feedback before you leave.
Thanks for a great day. Before you leave make sure you get your iPad and charger with your box. Please give these to your Tech Person tomorrow to inventory and set up for your district. Write down any apps that you liked and will want to use again just in case they are erased.

Pre-Survey to try on your NEW iPad:

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Jill Robinson - Teacher Center
Mark Carls
Tim Clarke
Rick Weinberg