Tech Connect at the CABOCES MST Building
A-L 8th Grade teachers

Some of the details from our first day are below and our plans
for our last day are here: Wed. April 1st
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A-L Team:
Equipment that you purchased:

Linda Dodd-Nagel
SMART Senteo voting devices
Mike Conroy
TI Smartview for 83/84+ Graphing Calculators
Lauren Ruffini
Canon DC310 DVD Camcorder
Eileen Finn
iPod (4GB)
Jen Furlong
iPod Speakers
Denise Goodman
iPod Recorder(voice)
Gary Gilbert
iPod recorder (video)
Tim Bush
12 in 1 Card Reader/Writer
Todd Hopkins
Microsoft Webcam

Thomas Hagen

Headset mics
SMART RESOURCES: and Available Notebook & Senteo Resources
Teqsmart Free Downloads (when you sign up for a free account)
James Hollis Blog with good resources

Using Senteo Devices:
1. Open up Notebook 10 and Senteo Teacher (Under Senteo up at the top).
2. Plug in the Blue Senteo Reciever into a USB port.
3. In the Notebook10 file make sure you have inserted or imported questions that will be used. You at least need to have blank questions in there if you are going to show questions from somewhere else ie: Word, Internet....
4. In the Senteo Teacher create or select a class. Click on the Student Tab to make sure you have the correct students and that they know their number.
5. Start the class (now students can sign in). There is an icon to push in the Student or Home page. *Then you can minimize the Senteo Teacher Page*
6. In the Notebook 10 you need to start the quiz and a Green Dot will appear on the Senteo side tab and on the clickers they students will start to see the numbers for the questions.
7. You can click through the questions in the Notebook software or open up another document to show the questions.

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