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What are plans are for today? Let me know what you'd like to add. HEY! How about how to set up and use a Wiki? Very easy and simple, it's just a whitespace and you decide what goes into it.

Save your bookmarks on-line and be able to get them from any computer with internet access? Creat an account with
*This is what Eileen brought up today*

More Senteo2.0 help. Look at Senteo files on with their education resources at other sites. Time to create more Senteo quizzes.
I look at Teqsmart resources.

Here is a Notebook file for some of the new Interactive Toolkit 2.0 items:

SMARTBoard Gallery and interactive programs. I use the SMARTBoard Revolution Ning group quite a bit as well.
What is a Ning group? Virtual Learning group......I have another one for Voicethread Educators.
Great blog posts about using SMARTBoards from James Hollis.

Good interactive sites:
Voicethread: Great site to import images, video, documents and to have students comment & or annotate on them.

Glogster: Free service for teachers and students to create Posters and spice up websites. Here's a great example.
Animoto: Create a music video (30 seconds for free) or pay for a full song, they do transitions for you.
ArtPad: Free place to draw and create on a diagram/art project. Then, you can get a specific URL to share with others.
Vocaroo: Record and send voice emails. I was thinking good for Spanish.
Pencil?!?!?: Free animation & drawing software
Loogix : Rotate images through and create interactive view. Animated avatars. You can see it at this website as well:
PowerPoint Sites:
How about Slideshare to view and upload PPTs for free.
Or to display a flipchart of your Slideshow how about Issuu? Prezi has been the hot one lately to 'pimp out' your presentation, they just went public, but I have not played with it much.
Check out others at:


Other good things that I use:
JING Free way to get screen captures and save them on your computer. I use it for images, but you can also get video.

Photo courtesy of Google Images and