Nick, Eric, Ryan
  • Demo of Teacher Tube
  • Go over Interactive Websites from "the list" with Tim
    • Take some time to explore this search site for Web 2.0 apps: SIMPLE SPARK
    • Take some time to look over some of these sites I sent to the technology coordinators.
    • As you're researching the sites, either list the ones you find useful on your wiki page, OR bookmark them in and create an RSS feed that dumps into your wiki page like I've done here.
  • Exploration Time
  • Find curricular connections and plan for implementation.

Eric: How can in integrate the game "Making History" into my WWII unit.


  • Student-centered ways of using technology. Create something that uses technology in a more student-centered way.
  • Virtual field trips: How can we make them more interactive (without students using the laptops).
  • Investigate Google Documents and Form Sites.
  • Troubleshooting
  • Interwrite Board (Amanda Friend)

Day 4 Agenda:

Virtual Field Trips:
Holocaust Museum (DC), Concentration Camps?, Holocaust Survivors, Castles?, (Global I, Global II, US) Andersonville, Gettysburg, Civil War

What's beyond Voice Thread? Something that's free.

What else is out there that people are doing with technology?