Take some time to find out what a Slam Dunk lesson is using the sites below. As you read, please think about:
  • How do Slam Dunk lessons rank in Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning?
  • How do Slam Dunk lessons rank with regard to LoTi?
  • What benefits to Slam Dunk lessons carry with regard to differentiated instruction?
  • Looking at the Pluto Lesson, in what ways could Web 2.0 tools be used to enhance a Slam Dunk lesson? How could podcasts, blogs, wikis, and social bookmarking be incorporated?

Slam Dunk Sites:
  • Slam Dunk: Module Maker 2
  • Examples from CA BOCES Curriculum Camp 2004 (yes, that was a while ago!)
  • There is also a PowerPoint version of the Slam Dunk Module Maker 2.
  • You can also look into different types of lessons like this Martyr Question.
  • Check out this Mars lesson from a few years ago.
  • Look at the Pluto lesson created for Tech Connect 2.0.